City Vices: help the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer

I currently have Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer at 9, and I keep getting the opportunity card to help her. Which is nice and all, except that none of the options presented increase that quality above 9.

Could the card please be modified so that instead of:
[Unlocked with Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 1]
it becomes:
[Unlocked with Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 1 & Acquaintance: Sardonic Music Hall Singer no more than 8] ?

At least this way I wouldn’t keep on getting that card which is useless while I’m waiting for &quotCity Vices: ask the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer for help&quot to appear. :-/

If you keep it in your hand, you won’t draw the card again.

I tend to preferentially hold that card, so when I do spend some of my acquaintance for a Passphrase I can immediately get it back.

If you move to a remote address you’ll stop drawing it entirely :P

But would also stop drawing City Vices: ask the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer for help.

Sadly, there are any number of cards that clog up the deck long after they stop being useful or interesting (Nocturnal Visitor to the Palace Cellars being a particular bugbear of mine). I do like this new approach of asking nicely for them to be changes instead of just complaining about it, which is what most of us do - but it isn’t going to work!

Amen to that. I kept trying it, because I hoped there’d be progress in the storyline, but nothing ever happened.

After having done The Gift, I got excited about Nocturnal Visitor to the Palace Cellars because I thought to myself &quotSurely this card will be different now that I know so much more!&quot

edited by Toran on 3/9/2015

Rather than dumping the cards altogether, at least ramping them up to PoSI relevant levels would be nice. A nice diversion from the Box grind at least.