Christmas Items

So the Christmas items make the rounds every so often, and older ones seem to reappear from time to time… which means repeats are incredibly frequent on a yearly basis. I have several repeat items in my inventory that I can’t do anything with. Is there any way for me to sell or give away or simple remove those extraneous items from my inventory? I don’t think I need my Aunt’s scandalous scone recipe twice, and it’s just frustrating to have items that physically do nothing. What am I going to do with multiple Pugilist’s Hellos? I only need the one for any of my outfits, and there’s no mechanical or story benefit to having multiple.

If there’s no way to deal with this, would it be possible to add one this year? My ASD continuously gets ticked off by the extra one sitting in my inventory doing nothing while I actually use the one I have. Sorry if this seems pointless or unnecessary, but I just really like these unique items being… well… unique! And when the Meticulously Altered Stocking does have a sell option, it would make sense to have one for the others, especially considering most of them have appeared multiple times and likely will appear again so everyone can get them.