Christmas Card Trading Society

Third Consolidated Group: No leader yet. Saturday and Sunday.

Tozh Taurog: Shadowy or Any. Link:
Rachelle Arcadia: Any Cards. Link:
Monsieur Dummour: Watchful or Any. Link:
Cogni Corvale: Any Cards. Link:
GigaClon: Persuasive or Watchful. Link:
Oneiropompous: Any Cards. Link:
M Esq: Any Cards. Link:

This does mean that one player will be sending cards to his own alt. By happy coincidence, everyone who has submitted a valid link is in a group as of this moment. If anyone is missing, or if anyone wants to join later, a new group will have to be assembled, which may take a few days. But I’m open to make more.

Merry Sacksmas, and have fun watching your stats increase.

– Mal
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Thanks, Mal. Looks good. I’ll send out consolidated group’s introductions.

Wow I did not realize I’m so sorry. It should be fixed now. But correction my time the healer just came today so I am ready to trade if it is still possible.

@Artemis Evans: I’ll add you to my group since two of us do not require cards. See page 3 for the list.

– Mal

I have sent the information about my group to everyone in my group. lets see how this goes. thanks mal for organizing this.

Just a note to thank Malthaussen for everything! My Monday group came around yesterday and all went very smoothly indeed. This time, I even had cards for everyone (last week I’d already sent some elsewhere…)
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I’m late to the party but would love to join!

Myfanwy wants Dangerous and Shadowy TtH on Monday
Turangalîla wants Persuasive and Shadowyîla TtH on Saturday
edited by Ugly Myfanwy on 12/7/2016

Also late, but if I can get in,
Cubane could use Shadowy and Watchful.
TtH at 0900 EST on Monday
edited by Cubane on 12/7/2016

I could use some Dangerous cards. My stats are maxed, but my Wounds are… troublesome.

I get Time, the Healer on Mondays at around 11:00AM GMT.

Late to the party, but i would love to join in if there are spaces open.

TTH is around 1300 on thursdays

[li]Also late to the party because ive been on a break for a few months but am back for Sacksmas and would love to get in on the Card Trade.
[li]Not US based but looking it up online my TTH appears to be about 5am on a Monday morning using Washington time.
[li]Would love to boost Watchful and Dangerous.

[li]Thanks again for the awesome people organising this!!

For anyone who wishes to observe examples of genuine Victorian Christmas Cards:

Mind, I’m not sure how any of these would reduce Nightmares. Or lower Scandal instead of increasing it…

Hello I’m late as well but me and my alt would like to join, time the healer for both come on Thursdays.


I’d like to join too, if slots are still available.

TtH visits me on Thursdays. Shadowy or Dangerous would be great.

In-game name: Sann (link to character)

I have 7 cards at the time of writing this post. Thanks to those organising this!

Bonjour I am Domi, TTH comes on Thursdays and I am open to any card

Gregstrom: My TtH is on Thursday, I’m open to anything.

I’d be happy to join as well. My TtH is Tuesday, and my profile is here:

Fourth Consolidated Group

Leader: Darwin Lyson: Any Cards. Link:
Ugly Myfanwy: Dangerous and Shadowy. Link:
Turangalila: Persuasive and Shadowy. Link:îla
Cubane: Shadowy and Watchful. Link:
Saklad5: Dangerous. Link:
Delirious Friend: Any Cards. Link:
Lillian Collins: Any Cards. Link:

– Mal
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I am willing to lead the consolidated group Mal. And sending cards now.

Very late to this party, but I’m happy to distribute cards ad-hoc. Any returns, well, shadowy increase is welcome, and I’m not currently aiming to increase any menaces. TTH comes noon GMT on Monday.
A fungal Sackmas to you all
edited by Quilster on 12/19/2016