Christmas Card Request Sheet 2022

You look outside your window to see a robed figure in an impeccable hat. Your first thought is that it resembles one of the Masters, but not one you would normally recognize. The figure is busily hammering a heavy wooden stake into the virgin Neath-snow. After grasping the top of the post and giving it a good shake to see if it’s sturdy enough, the figure picks up a large wooden board from behind it and hangs it aloft from the top of the post. Along the top of the board is engraved “Mr. Underhill’s ~1899~ ~1900~ 1899 Christmas Card Requests”. Below the label is a long list of name slots followed by tiny tumblers with various symbols resembling the ubiquitous Christmas Cards that circle around this time of year.

The figure turns to you and nods. “Please do let me know if you find any problems with it. Happy Christmas!”

For every year since 2013, I’ve curated a list of FL players seeking particular Neathmas cards and bonuses. After a few years of curating the list manually, I mostly automated the process using Google Docs, and this year I’ve made a new sheet for your perusal.

Feel free to leave your name and preferred cards or to look up other players seeking the card you currently have to give out. Here is a link to last year’s sheet, for reference.

Until this year’s sheet fills in I’ll be trying to use the usual sources to give out my initial batch before Time, the Healer comes for me tomorrow. Please let me know if there are any technical difficulties. Cheers, and Merry Neathmas!


It’s generally a bad idea to set either a background or foreground color without setting the other one too. My default colors are white on black, so those “Priority” cells are white on yellow, which is nearly unreadable.

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Noted and hopefully fixed now.