Choose what to do about the Velocipede Squad

I have Spinning of the Wheels 4, but when I try to choose the option to expose the squad, can’t seem to advance the story. Without going into too much detail, I only get a change in quirks, but nothing else happens. I’m not keen on joining or reforming as those options don’t fit my character’s style. The options to advance Spinning of the Wheels are gone at Riding the Savage Cobbles 7 too. I presume there’s something else I need to do in order to advance?

You need to keep doing it until Spinning of the Wheels 9 I believe. Then you get the final conclusion at the end. I’m not sure I remember correctly, but there may also be some opportunity cards to raise Spinning of the Wheels, but I don’t remember the other options being gone.

A little warning: some choices can lock you out of the squad permanently.
edited by Monara on 12/24/2018

Thanks for the response. I’ve seen some posts referencing SOTW 9, which is why I’m wondering how I can do that without the RTSC 7 options (I only have the 4 non-fate, standard carousel options now). I believe I know which cards you are referring to, so I’ll see if I can draw them.

Sorry, it’s been a long time. Are you sure there isn’t any other storylet that appears next to the standard conclusion one either? I’m absolutely certain Spinning of the Wheels goes beyond 4, but I lost the exact details. This part seems to confuse players a lot though. It might be you have to choose one of the other options to continue the story too?
Maybe someone that played it more recently remembers the exact process to get past 4.

You are picking the non-choice. The story does not advance unless you pick one of the choices you don’t want to pick.

Ah, I guessed one of the other options might do it but I wasn’t sure.
OP, since you didn’t want to do those options, keep in mind this isn’t a permanent decision yet.