Choice of ambitions / Advice for returning player

Was too busy to keep up with the game for a long long time, actually forgot about it. Sunless Sea waved me back.
I have been looking at the wiki avoiding the ambitions however. The game has changed greatly and I got rid of my old emails so here’s a returning player with a new account.
Didn’t like Heart’s Desire, not very motivating. I remember the opera. Also a four year wait that’s my motivation so my old account probably got to play the thing soon.

edited by Percenila on 2/6/2015

Bag a Legend is fun and hilarious. Good times monster hunting.

I really like Light fingers, though there’s one hanging plot thread that it seems like half the people who chose it are a bit frustrated by (a character you may come to like whose fate no longer seems to be a focus of the story). The nice thing about Light Fingers is that there’s an “escape hatch” halfway through where you can ditch it and pick a new ambition for free. I… can’t imagine actually making the decision to do that, but it IS an option.

I’ve only seen the early game of Nemesis. I know it gets more interesting later on, but it didn’t hook me right off.

I have tried Bag a Legend, Light Finger and Heart’s Desire and my favorite by far was Bag a Legend with Light Finger being my least favorite due to an unclear element in a big section of the story. Heart’s Desire is ok, I suppose, especially when you do the Zee-portion (all Ambitions require Zee travel), and it gives you an almost behind the scenes encounter with some of London’s most eclectic individuals.

I have no knowledge of the Nemesis Ambition save that it involves some unsavory and very dangerous individuals.

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