Chiropteromantic Zodaic

Has anyone been able to get Madame Shoshana to uncover their batty zodiac sign? I’ve been hanging around the carnival hoping for the opportunity card to pop up. I’m getting a little tired of the place to be honest.

Yah the card was way more frequent back when the content was released. My signs the lady BTW. The only thing I can suggest is go adventuring elsewhere then go to the carnival to draw your cards. It will take a while but it will happen eventually.

Yes, though it took awhile. My sign is “The Lovers”, apparently. :-)

The shifting patterns of bats on the cavern roof say my sign is the Hunter apparently?
it’s science, it can’t be wrong

I finally got the card…And I got the unlucky result. Excuse me while I partake in ill-advised amount mushroom wine.

The Lantern! Discovering that [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]in the ritual of Mutton island the victim carries a lantern[/color] gave me a sense of discomfort, especially considering that my character had the chance to witness it in person.

I do recall the card taking a while to come by, but it did come. My sign was “The Lady”
The " 's Man " is implied.

At last I got the fortunate result and my sign is…The Spider!
I’m so pleased. I rather think it suits me.

I am the Cat, apparently. And I am rather stupidly idealistic, I admit… but it would be wonderful if we can set up a school for Clay and Rubbery Men, no?
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The lantern as well =) I just wish they were used for anything other than that card…

To be fair, real life zodiac signs are just as… um… useless?

My favourite part of the Zodiac is when Madam Shoshana tweets her very peculiar horoscopes. I always get a bit of a smile when it’s something about “The Lady.” I definately pay more attention to it and occasionally find myself thinking about it during the day. It’s not to do with gameplay, but I find that portion of the game to be very immerse and just plain fun.

I’m The Shepherd, but so far, nothing has ever come up revolving around it…