cheery man & stuttering fence

I’m a new player and I decided to do a job for the cheery man to silence the stuttering fence. The (successful) result produced four or five paragraphs of text, but I quickly changed tabs before I read it (to look at a message) and when I came back to the story tab, I had been returned to the general watchmaker’s hill page. Does anyone know how I can read the text that I missed, and possibly get to any followups that were on the page? The rendezvous button I pressed to get to that page is gone now. I’m really disappointed that I missed what was happening as I was getting invested in the story. Also, should I report a bug? Thank you!

The wiki is probably your best bet for this-try googling fallen london and the name of the story. Otherwise there’s not many other options. Currently I believe the only stories you can reread are the ambitions.

You can’t really reread Ambitions, either. They removed Reminiscing. Your best bet is checking wiki out, or asking around to see if someone echoed that particular story.

Thank you so much!

The wiki only has an abbreviated version with maybe 10% of the text, but I was able to search google for that text, and found it in someone’s journal on FL. Really appreciate your help!