Cheery Man delivery question

Hello! I have an… odd situation at hand.
I did some jobs for a rather unsavory chap in the Docks, and was asked to fetch something for him from Polythreme. Well I couldn’t find the d__n place, try as I might! Low on supplies, I sailed into London, and was beset by the brute. My protocol droid assured my my chances of success were only 9%, but I really didn’t want to hand the b____ter 1500 Echoes, so we fought, and somehow, my mates and I won! Poor Zhang was lost. Terrible shame that.

Ah, my question: I have now found Polythreme (next trip out, of course), and have the option to buy the contraband… I think of brilliant souls? For 1000E. The thing is, I don’t know that they’re worth quite that much. I hate leaving the storylet hanging there, but I also don’t want to be out hundreds of quid. Anyone have any suggestions on how to turn a profit here? Thanks to all!