Chart viewing

Chart viewing could use a hotkey, to bring up the chart and (more importantly, to me) to dismiss it. My instinct from other games leads me to try to use the Escape key to dismiss the chart; the actual result of that is to bring up the game menu behind the chart so that I can’t even see that it’s happened. Even if Escape doesn’t dismiss the chart, it should NOT bring up the menu sight unseen.

I had to use the chart repeatedly to navigate by, so being able to quickly bring up and dismissing the chart would be handy, It would also be nice to be able to select an object or point of interest on the chart (&quottake a bearing&quot) so that a direction arrow appears on the main screen. This will decrease needed chart use.

It’s Tab.

On the subject of the chart, i’ve seen several people complaining about a loud noise when opening it. But for me, opening the chart is completely silent.
What’s with that?

I also heard a crashing noise when opening the chart. But that’s easy to avoid through overall sound level scroller.


I’ve just tested it - no crashing this time. Strange. I clearly remember hearing it several times and wondering.


AHA! It makes a crashing noise when you use a chart-icon, but when you use TAB - it doesn’t! High Wilderness is full of things to explore!
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You can remap the key too, I added a hotkey to use “M” to bring up the map, there’s the ability to have two keys for the same function as well, so tab works for me too.

[quote=Happy Londoner]
AHA! It makes a crashing noise when you use a chart-icon, but when you use TAB - it doesn’t![/quote]
oh my, that IS loud.

I’m one of those filthy powergamers who always uses keyboard shortcuts. I’ve never so much as considered opening the chart by clicking on something, until now

[color=#6666ff]We’re looking into the intermittent crash noise when opening the chart and the main menu opening behind the chart when pressing Esc is known. we’ll get that sorted ASAP.

Many thanks[/color]
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