Charitable Endeavours for Skies Launch

[color=#0066ff]Hello! We’re going to support a charity as part of the launch of Sunless Skies in January. We’d really like it to be a charity that you suggest. Here’s a form where you can nominate one. We hope you will![/color]
[color=#0066ff]Suggestions are open until the 28th of September, after which we will make a shortlist and the community will vote on who we donate to. Cheers all![/color]

Great idea! I’ve been waiting for the full release to buy it, so that works out great.

…Oh, apparently I wrote close to 1000 words in the &quotwhy&quot section. I didn’t know I had strong opinions about charities.
edited by Dudebro Pyro on 9/13/2018

[color=#0066ff]Message received! Thank you for nominating~~~[/color]

I lack charity suggestions, but fresh from the land of Discord: you should call your charitable endeavors Feelbetter ;)

Are you specifically looking for games related charities, or just charities in general?

[color=#0066ff]Just to let everyone know, the charity who were eventually selected by community vote were Special Effect, the UK games industry’s charity![/color]
[color=#0066ff]More news of the charitable event soon![/color]