Character Cameos/Customization

I was wondering a couple of things. First off, why does sunless sea have less available cameos than fallen london?

Secondly, as I look at them (fallen London specifically), I can’t help but feel like they would be easy customize, allowing for a lot diversity among player characters. Is their a reason why not? It can’t be because the customization interface would be difficult to make.

Sunless Sea does have less total cameos, but there are more available to any given character, because they’re not limited by gender like FL’s currently are. As for your second question - are you thinking customisation like, say, assembling a cameo from predefined elements? That does sound like fun, sure, but I imagine it would be a bit of effort to create and maintain, and Failbetter only have so many resources available at any given time.

Okay… That didn’t really answer me though. Why not add all the cameos they’ve made?

Anyway, yes, that is what I meant. It could have options for hair, nose, etc. Even to add an arm+item, as some are holding something, such as one of the current cameos, which holds a magnifying glass.

Their resources may be limited but I’d at least like to know if something like this is on thier to do list. Have you ever seen a mention of it?

With the cameos all being silhouettes, it’d be really hard to implement paperdolls - all the gowns and suits and gloves will look pretty samey.

Not to mention the art budget will be insanely high if you want the paperdoll to look decent and fit in with Fallen London. Pixels art doesn’t fit, Japanse Chibi doesn’t fit, etc.

I don’t think I have ever seen people asking for paperdoll for Fallen London either, you are probably the first guy to say it.

I never once said to allow things like &quot[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)] Pixels art, Japanse Chibi, etc&quot. I don’t know where that came from.[/color]
[color=#c2c2c2]I also don’t know what you mean by &quot[/color][color=#c2c2c2]all the gowns and suits and gloves will look pretty samey&quot. I’m only speaking about using the style the already use, which is a side face portrait, in silhouette. I can’t see how you could call any limits &quotsamey&quot compared to being limited to pre-sets only, especially since you’d only be seeing as much as we see with the current crop of cameos.[/color]

What I’m imagining wouldn’t be that hard. The cost would be making a bunch of new parts, and maybe cutting apart the old cameos, in order to craft custom ones. It would be like making a sideface portrait out of paper.

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]

That sounds fun, but I’d much rather they focus on updating the remaining ambitions right now. And on the search for a certain name…