Changing graphics possible?

I’ve been looking around to see if it’s possible to change in-game graphics such as ship look and map tiles.

I tried creating a player’s ship by using the assets of existing ennemy ships, but I couldn’t find a way to make it work by editing only json files. I believe this to be hardcoded in the Unity part of the game (along with the ships equipment slots). And I assume the same is true for map tiles.

I’m pretty sure you could change the art used in tiles, but only by editing tiles.json to change which of the existing map entities the game uses where.

I’m mostly asking because I wish to extract assets for use in the wiki.

I managed to find something which allows texture exporting as tga or png: Unity assets bundle extractor

while it sort of works for locations it doesn’t quite work for enemies because the model has all it’s layers separately next to each other
edited by BiscuitCookie on 11/4/2016

Then you should use something like : GitHub - SeriousCache/UABE: Asset Bundle Extractor