Changing Ambitions

Will it be possible to change to one of the two new ambitions added on release day? A bit like in Sunless Sea, where some ambitions were only uncovered while playing the game?

Or, alternatively, is it possible to edit save games to switch the ambition? I started playing a week ago so I chose the Wealth ambition, but I haven’t progressed that story line yet, and I imagine the other ambitions are a bit more story focused. It would be nice to switch without having to start over.
edited by irrigo on 1/28/2019

[color=#ccffcc]Hey there!

The Wealth and Fame ambitions cannot be changed on an individual captain. However, The Truth and The Martyr-King’s Cup can be be abandoned in favour of another.

Additionally, The Martyr-King’s Cup will only be unlocked after completing a particular quest, so is only something you will see once unlocked and after then passing on a legacy.[/color]
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Thanks! I guess I will have to look for that quest and then retire in a nice mansion somewhere.

Loving the game so far!

That’s really interesting. I figured that there would be ambitions you could unlock during gameplay, but I thought that they would become apparent as you played like with Aestival and the East.

I chose Ambition: Wealth initially, but eventually realized I didn’t want to stop playing with my current Captain. I hadn’t actually done anything towards it, so I just went into my save file and changed the qualities around to make my Ambition the Song of the Sky. It worked like a charm.