Changing advanced POSI

Is it possible to switch from one advanced POSI to another? I am a Legendary Charisma and I thought about switching to an Extraordinary Mind, but I cannot see any more options anywhere. I though, I read about people switching from one to another. Was I wrong?

It says “Choose carefully: it cannot currently be changed.” at the end of the options so it is not possible to switch … yet.

Does it? Strange, I didn’t notice that… Maybe It was added after my &quotascent&quot? Well, glad I started with with Legendary Charisma then. =)
edited by Darkstrong on 10/13/2015

I think the wording has changed since I chose my specialisation as I definitely remember it being implied that it would be possible to change sometime. But I have an alt who hasn’t chosen one so can see the options and that is what is says now.