Changes to Unaccountably Peckish?

[li]So just now, I ran into an inescapable storylet that lowered my Unaccountably Peckish from 18 to 10, with an addendum along the lines of ‘you’ll thank us for this, seriously’. So it looks like UP is possibly going to become a proper menace now.

Most of me is pretty enthused about this. I mean, yeah, I’d been collecting it for roleplaying reasons, but having it become a real menace will really add to the flavor of SMEN, I feel, punishing or no. I think I’d even argued for it a couple of times on the IRC. Not to mention, it was kind of silly to think my character could be absolutely insane from hunger and just go about his day normally, visiting high society parties and using proper ettiquette to hold a teacup. That’s some killer restraint, which… is not really what Seekers are known for. (Of course, it is possible to be Peckish without being a Seeker, but unnatural hunger and Seeking are closely linked.)

On the other hand, I had just finished getting my alt to 77 Unaccountably Peckish. ;_;

Anyway - I wonder what’s going to happen? Some immediate punishment, like Irrigo/Popular Song? Or a menace zone? I imagine it’d have a lot to do with losing Connections, especially to the higher echelons of society. Society, Constables, Summerset, maybe Bohemian. Possibly not the Duchess, given an odd sympathy she might have for Seekers.

Also, whatever happened to two of the options on the ‘you can’t sleep for hunger’ storylet? I recall the other two being more effective than chestnuts if you wanted to lower Peckish, and if Peckish is about to become a proper menace, people are probably going to pay more attention to reducing it.

77, goodness gracious. And here I was rather sad about dropping down from 11.
I am very eager to see how UP functions as a menace, though. I hope it’s not level loss. Your thought about connections makes a lot of sense, though a menace zone would be fascinating

The menace zone should be an all-you-can-eat buffet.


Is there any point in increasing it if I haven’t really encountered any related content? All I know is that it relates to that SMEN thing. I am not POSI yet etc., I just do dinner with devils now and then.