Changes to opportunity cards and deck

So I just went to zee for the first time in a while and promptly noticed that there are unlimited opp cards while there. Are there any other recent changes of that sort besides remembering unused cards?

Yes. Before you go to Zee at all, you now have the option of speeding up your voyage by spending Zee Ztories and/or Puzzling Maps. By doing this you can start your Journey with as much as about 5 Journey’s End quality. The only catch is that you need to get your Journey’s End quality up to 10 instead of 9. However, since your opp deck is endless, that’s much easier. Note too that, although your opp deck is endless, you can only draw up to 3 cards at one time, even if you own a 4 or 5 card lodging.

I meant any changes to opportunity deck mechanics in other locations, but that’s helpful too! Thanks :)

The biggest change is that you now have separate “hands” for London, the Unterzee, and the Party. Moving between them won’t empty your hand anymore. I’m not sure if that has changed for the Nadir as well.

Nadir, Pick-pocket’s Promenade, Heists, Menace areas etc.

Also, you can no longer use second chances and ‘perhaps not’ to continually try a card until you succeed.

Impact of changes: less chance of accidentally losing mood cards, eyeless skulls are less easy to handle, some cave of the Nadir cards can be removed from your hand without gaining irrigo, and high tier professions are harder to get. And probably a lot of other things I can’t think of right now.