Changes in Cards over Time

Inspired by some of the latter postes in this thread, I think it might be a good idea for fellow players to note cards that have changed their effect from when they first started playing. I’m sure that there are some people who read some of the thread linked above, but not all of it and so are discarding some very important and valuable cards.

And, as I am not a piker, I will at start off with what I feel are some of the most important changes in the cards since I started playing.

[ul][li]The Conflict Cards (Crime or Punishment, The Kaleidoscopic Church, The Arcadia and the Butterfly, etc.). Probably one biggest jumps in value in the entire game these cards went from less than worthless to immensely valuable by giving you a net gain in connections, rather than a loss, and also giving you the immensely lucrative progress, Somebody is comming.[/li]
[li]The Lodging Cards. The biggest changes on these cards is the additional way to purchase the top-tier lodgings (and possibly the others, but I had all of them when this change came in) and the fact that they now give you Certifiable Scraps once you have purchased them. Note that the alternate purchase paths are often cheaper and give you a small collection of items when you purchase a Lodging.[/li][/ul]

I am certain that others will add to this list, but I think these are some of the more important changes.

The Menace Reduction cards all receive some new options. Some options are outright more effective and some options give a tiny bit of other Menace but all of them increase Counting the Days.

Actually, I believe in general the menace reduction cards were nerfed. They used to be rather potent (I believe 5 CP), but now remove only a small bit of menace.

And a lot of the cards listed also raise Someone is Coming, making them even better.

Well, as far as “Someone is Coming” goes, it takes 21 actions to get it to 6 (Everything only seems to raise it 1 CP at a time), and the highest payout is 1200 pence. This results in ~57 pence per action. This is a VERY nice bonus on top of cards you’re already playing (connection cards, progress cards at zee, etc.), but I don’t feel it’s worth it to go after SiC just for the sake of it, unless you really need one of the items offered.

Do you mean cards like “A Moment’s Peace” and “An Afternoon of Good Deeds?”
Those cards haven’t reduced 5 cp since at least January 2011. It was more like 3cp max. Now, at least, they provide a little something else.

Really, caps out at 12 Echos? That is reassuring. I’m glad that the fate-locked options (by which I mean you have to have done certain Fate storylines to unlock the options, not that the options directly use fate) are not more valuable than the PoSI option but just give you different things.

They’re actually less profitable. 10 echoes. To be fair, you can unlock all those options from day 1 if you wanted to.