Change to Overgoat card?

Just last week I acquired an Overgoat. I was most looking forward to entreating him to invite Surface friends, and having him return with healthy rewards. And now it seems that the option to do so has been removed from the card! Is this a bug for me or is everyone else also missing that option?[li]

I’m missing it too. A way to avoid expliotation by sending tons of invites to alts and the like maybe?

Overgoat nerfed? His supreme Caprine Authority defied? The end times are upon us, surely.

And just in time for Christmas, too! I wonder if we’ll be hearing people cry “Mr Sacks! Take my Overgoat!”

Do you have the Overgoat equipped? Some of the options on the card are rendered invisible without Caprine Authority 1.

My yes, that was the first thing I did. All the other options were there alright (using the Goat’s unique talents and asking his opinion, plus, of course, learn of the Overgoat, the one not requiring Authority).

The option disappeared a couple days ago. Which is a pity because 10 scraps is hella good.

I do wish you got double rewards on the goat card if you had an Ubergoat instead though…

It’s also not there for me, either. Alas.

Not here either. Which is a terrible shame. Definitively a change for the worse when it comes to the Goat Supreme :(.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the first of a series of changes removing scrap farming through dummy social actions.

It seemed that a number of the “invite other people to join” options have turned ''impossible!" Of late.

While on the topic of goats: does having an Ubergoat open any additional branches on this card or make the challenges any easier? Or is it just for the extra 10 Watchful?

It’s just the extra 10 Watchful, yeah. Caprine Authority 2 does not seem to confer any advantage above Caprine Authority 1.

The übergoat is twice as dreaded and bizarre too, which is pretty nice.

Especially since the only other pet with +4 to BDR costs (effectively) 45 Fate.

It’s only as dreaded and bizarre as a bifurcated owl, though, so its not particularly notable in terms of BDR.

i think you could probably get 45 fate more easily than 23425.6 echoes and 1 fate too :V
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Oh, definitely. But there’s probably somebody out there with more free time than spare change, so it’d be nice for them.

I was always a little disturbed by what I was doing to those poor animals, so I never pursued that story further. The goats, on the other hand, acted of their own volition.

It may be that, but I did recently send in a bug report where I could not get the Goat invitation to work at all for purposes of actually inviting someone. Maybe there’s just some sort of difficult bug in them?

I’m sad about this change but I’m guessing it’s part of the drive to get more players to Fallen London (same as the changed login page, etc.). As to what is intended with this change I can’t even guess.