change start area and hide redundant card.

I searched the forums and the reference guide but cant find info on this… my story wasnt working out so i decided to change the start area, is there a way to change the first area to another or is it simply the first item in the ‘area’ list?
If thats the case i assume i’ll have to just rewrite the original area and make it something else that way?
And so i dont use up more forum space;

Whats the best way to get rid of a storylet you only need once? I have the player start, only one card to choos from. Playing this card (storylet A) gives them item X.
Item X allows them to see storylet B when they finish with storylet A.
But Storylet A is still visible, allowing them to play it again.

I’ve been at this for hours now since I got up so it could be that the answer is right there and i just cant see it.
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First question: The starting area will always be Starting Area or whatever you’ve changed its name to. I’m not sure why you would need to change the Starting Area, though.

Second: You can add a requirement to Storylet A of Item X Max 0, so the storylet is not available when the player has at least one of that item. You will have to be sure the player doesn’t lose that item in future, or at least that they move to an area/setting where Storylet A is not available if they do.

(If you’re sure that Storylet A must always be first and will never come up again, as well, you can always give it a Quality requirement of “a Stranger” and then remove “A Stranger” at the end of it. Or you can move the player from $StartingArea to $FirstStoryArea at the end of Storylet A; that allows you to put any more character-establishing storylets in $StartingArea and just change when they move.)

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thanks guys, the reason i wanted to change it was because i’d decided to change the story, instead of starting in this place i wanted them to start in that place which i had already made and didnt want to have two duplicates. But it only took two minutes to change the names so i dont know what i was moaning about lol.

Since the first area created is always the start area, could we have a way to tag it, or could it be printed in red so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle?

One for the Suggestions thread, perhaps.