Change Points

Does anyone know how change points are determined? The messages in game seem out of date - what I’m after specifically is at what percentage chance you start earning 2 points instead of one for a success (and a failure, if that ever happens). Any other break points would be interesting to know too.[li]

The messages in-game are out of date.

I think it’s like this:

Success Cp#/Failure CP#
0-10% Almost Impossible 6/4
10-20% High-Risk 5/3
20-30% High-Risk 5/3
30-40% Tough 4/2
40-50% Very Chancy 3/1
50-60% Chancy 3/1
60-70% Modest 2/1
70-80% Very Modest 2/1
80-90% Low-Risk 2/1
90-100% Straightforward 1/1
edited by Aximillio on 6/18/2013

Cheers, that’s very useful - I had no idea that you could earn 2 CPs that high up the ladder.