Change points shown in tooltip?

Has this always been the case, or is it part of the recent update? It’s handy, but I do wish this tooltip would also display how many change points had been earned or the starting change point amount as well. You can get that information from looking at the source of the page and doing a little math, but having it in a tooltip is quite nice. I suppose it’d be possible to make a browser script that improved this tooltip so it said &quotFrom 38 to 40 change points, 18 more to reach level 58.&quot

(In case anyone’s wondering, the Constables tooltip here doesn’t give you any change point information, since the quality went up to a new level, so no new source of info there.)

That’s been like that for quite a while. It’s been there for as long as I can remember, anyways.

I just never rolled over the proper icon, I suppose! Or well, I opened the source to check how many CP I’d started at if I was curious. Thanks!

It would be wonderful if that info could be shown simply by hovering over the relevant stat in the sidebar rather than having to burn an action like this though.

Also, when your stat increases one level you don’t, I believe, get the message - i.e. it only appears where the whatever increase you earn keeps you within the same level.

Hmm, a sidebar hover like what you’re talking about could be accomplished with a browser script too – since the percentage that the bar is full is included in the source of the page. I’m just pushing wind here since I don’t actually have the spare time to stop writing posts and polish up my scripting skills to make one, but perhaps there’s an enterprising soul around the forums who’d like to upgrade FL’s interface. (Again, using only the data that the game actually provides you as you take actions!)