Change of Closest To?

So I logged into my character Eddy Gale for the first time in a few days, and noticed their Closest To has gone from Urchins to The Great Game? I don’t recall shunting the urchins at all, and in fact have several reasons for the character not to ditch them… what happened? Why is Eddy suddenly closest to the spies rather than the rooftop network? Was this a behind the scenes change I missed?

Did you accidentally sell the location of Nadir?

…Ah crud. Thank you for sorting out my idiocy.

I will have to rectify this idiotic mistake later.

Fortunately for you, though it will cost a Night-Whisper to become besties with the Urchins again, changing Closest To by selling the location of the Nadir doesn’t remove your Connected quality of the faction you were previously closest to.