Chain exploration?

An issue bugging me since Sunless Sea is that you can visit different locations on land without them being explored on the map. Perhaps the best example for that would be Khan’s Heart, where you can visit different Quarters without them being charted. Wouldn’t the captain do that while walking there?
The same persists in Sunless Skies, now with the multi-location Winchester. Wouldn’t my captain just chart the Company House if he walks into it? It is kinda annoying to spend time, fuel and supplies charting it even after visit. Like, come on, my captain already was both inside and outside that d__n house, he’s probably sick and tired of seeing it by this point D:
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The reason you explore those places by sailing around, is so that you can SEE them. In all those cases, each of these little sub-areas of a city has its own unique art. You’re being rewarded for taking the time to take a tour of the city and see all the art the art team lovingly made.

It wouldn’t really make sense to get it for free just from wandering the city on foot. Partly because theres no cost to doing that, and also because you’d be missing the art that way.

You’re spending time, fuel and supplies. but its not a waste, you’re gaining xp from it. that’s exploration, its a core part of the gameplay

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I have to disagree with you about exploration.
Of course, I understand the art point, but that kinda seems the only one. The main feature of exploration is both SSea and SSkies is learning how exactly laws of nature are screwed on each particular island - and it’s kinda hard to deduce from just the art: it comes from the writing.
Look at the Iron Republic, for example. The art just tells you that the Republic is related to Hell, but does it tell you about the anarchy of nature in there? Does the Grand Geode art tell you what’s going on in there? It’s just a geode with some buildings. Of course it’s a viable point, but I consider the art only complimentary to the writing.
I think I absolutely could read SSea as a book without illustrations and lose just a part of the atmosphere. So no, I still think that lack of &quotchain exploration&quot is an issue.
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