cave of the nadir??

After a few days of seeking curios, i have gained my first eyeless skull. I have watchful 158 (124 base plus 34 in items), and 80 expedition supplies.

Can i succeed in my first endeavour or will i need to grind more watchful/supplies/anything else.
Also does anyone have any other tips before i go in? (any advice would be great)

Getting to the Nadir requires that you additionally have the Archaeologist quality at 5, so unless you have that then you will have to commit to doing a number of smaller runs, the ones that cost 10 & 20 supplies respectively. The one that costs only 10 caps off pretty early and then you will only be able to progress the quality with the 20 supply expedition. Don’t worry, none of this costs fate.

If you do have Archaeologist 5 then you are pretty set to go I think. I might advise on a higher Watchful (167) to make the 2 supply option a safe bet at 100% on the expedition, but I otherwise think that you are fine as you are.

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Keep in mind, incidentally, that once you actually find the Cave of the Nadir, you’ll need a special item to get INSIDE. This item can be obtained through four different routes, each with its own set of requirements: A HUGE quantity of Echoes, 100 Connection: Revolutionaries, Five Eyeless Skulls… or a handful of Fate, if you feel like paying your way to an easier life. :p So before you embark, you might want to try and make sure that you have - or is close to having - one of those.

An interesting point is that of those four, only one of them can actually be done ‘in advance’ - the other three are based on options in the storylet you reach at the end of your expedition. This is the ‘Five Eyeless Skulls’ option - anytime you have those, you can redeem them for what you need just by using them from your inventory…
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It’s only 400 Echoes, the price range of most high end items on the Bazaar really. So once you find the Cave just take a break to level your skills and then sell the proceeds to acquire the final item. Far less stressful than trying to dig up 5 skulls let me tell you.

Or just jump up to 100 in Revolutionaries and enjoy the sweet, sweet perks that come with it.

Or pay the Fate to get in and get a BONUS exclusive Home Comfort or very sad pony…

Wait, what? Home Comfort? Sad Pony? I’d seen that the fate-option claimed to throw in ‘a little something extra’, but I’d just figured that meant… I dunno, some gemstones or similar vendor-trash.

The icon of the option gives a clue as what exactly it gives you as an extra. Plus one other thing that I didn’t expect, so I had two of them for a little while.

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Hmm… now I’m curious. I’d planned to get mine by way of Revolutionary connections, but… I’m a sucker for exclusives. >_> I don’t suppose anyone would be willing to PM me with the exact contents? I’m pretty sure that’s allowable…

EDIT: Thank you for the info - that was very informative. And, while steep, I do believe I’ll spring for it…
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Ohh, so THAT’S how you get home comforts… I really should read the forums before doing stuff.

Well, not all the Home Comforts are Fate-locked. The Library and Gymnasium are available to everyone.