Cave of Nadir

First visit on the cave of Nadir. After i choose to leave the cave i found myself in the forgotten quarter and nothing else happened. I did not have the chance to meet the Missionary and the Firebdran and choose side… why? did i do something wrong??

Did you not meet them in the cave? I don’t know what happens if you didn’t do that, but maybe you’ll have another chance next week. Guess they’re hanging out in there until then.

I think you get to look for them again next week, yeah. It’s unlikely but possible that you just never draw the cards for them.

The same thing happened to me. While in the cave, you’ll need to draw an opportunity card (it’s a card with the picture of the firebrand or the missionary, depending which one you sided with) and play it. Then, when you’ll leave the cave, the meeting will occur.