Cave of Nadir Items?

Good news, the Angry Pirate is about to head into the Nadir! But one thing I’m wondering is are there any items I should bring with me? The text for heading in there-&quotnot a small step&quot-suggests it might take a while to get out. So should I stockpile anything before going in there?
edited by The Angry Pirate on 3/24/2016

You and the Nadir will probably be getting chummy with each other for some time to come, so there’s no rush to get the items bought and/or upgraded in any hurry (though I must warn that if you’re still building your stats up, keep an eye on your Irrigo and leave once it hits 8 or so, otherwise you’ll spend most of your actions each week regaining your stat progress). With that caveat, there is a handy table on the wiki to show you what can be converted:
edited by Gemma Hawley on 3/24/2016

Yes, it’s highly unlikely (probably impossible, in fact) to encounter or upgrade everything you might be curious about in one trip to the Cave. If you already have items/companions that could be upgraded then fantastic, keep an eye out for those opportunities (I personally am irrationally fond of my irrigo goggles). Otherwise it’s probably best to just dive in for the first time and get a feel for the place before going back with specific goals in mind.

Don’t stay for too long, though. That would be…bad.
edited by Macragg on 3/24/2016

Also potentially of note while you’re there, an_ocelot has made quite a nice document outlining which options in the longer term are the more profitable (given certain assumptions which you may or may not meet yourself). You can find it here.

You can hold the worse cards in your hand and spend the better ones preferentially while you draw from your deck.

Five-card lodgings are of course the most profitable since you can sideline the most unpleasant cards, so they’re generally the best choice if possible. Every week when I visit the Nadir, I move back to a five-card lodging for that and afterwards relocate to a remote address for regular play.