Caught up in a soldiers heartbreaking tale?

As far as i can tell, this tale ends when the quality reaches 8. I’m currently at 7, and i think i remember reading when progressing it to 7 that i needed to wait for a card to appear to progrees the story to 8. I’ve drawn at least a hundred cards at this point, none of which have allowed me to progress the storyline. I’m not complaining about bad rng, i’m just curious if waiting is what i’m supposed to do, or if i’ve missed some important information. Any information would be appreciated.

You read right: you need to wait for a card, but not a standard frequency, but a very infrequent one!

Drawing almost all cards in a day will mean that, on average, you’ll get this card once every two days. But we all know how RNG can work!

Btw, what options did you pick at the last step? I’m in need of some echoes of this story specially the ending.

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