Category on a storylet?

This seems promising, but there is nothing apparent in the tutorials explaining what this is or how to use it? Also, how do you edit world settings and what can you change? Thank you very much :)

The only Category which has any effect is ItemUse. You should choose that for a storylet which you’re going to have as the “Event Triggered” for a Thing quality… Look for “Usable Items” in Chapter 3 of the manual for the full story on all this.

The other Categories don’t do anything at the moment. I don’t know whether they ever will. I’d recommend leaving it at “Unspecialised” to avoid any nasty surprises if the other Categories acquire a special meaning later on.

To edit world settings - from the Worlds menu, to to Your Worlds, then click Edit next to the name of the world in question. You can edit anything! …well, except that I notice a “World Editors” section seems to have appeared at the bottom, but doesn’t work yet; that’ll be to add extra people who have permission to edit your world, and presumably it’s a work in progress.

Hope that helps!


That helps a lot! I just read that section and it cleared things up significantly. I was wondering what the use of clicking the “add setting” button was, but just found it in the reference guide. Thank you!