Case: Absconding Devil

What are the consequences of final choices? I found, that if you sell him to Embassy, later you’ll meet with Clathermont. And what about other choices?
edited by Andre Alexin on 8/7/2014

You’ll meet with Clathermont no matter the resolution. Sending him back to the Embassy gets you a large amount of Brass and Connected:Hell, delaying the Singer gets you a new Acquaintance Quality, which unlocks new storylets later, and either warning the devil or letting him abscond will get you Romantic Notions and a Touching Love story, items with uses down the line. Not to disparage your playstyle, but I’ve tried all of them via alts, and the Embassy choice is probably the least rewarding.

Oh, thank you.
I’m too lazy to f**k with alts now.
I didn’t want to sell him, but only this option on wiki has link to following storylets.
Oh, the Singer too, but I don’t want a romance now.

The Sardonic Music-Hall Singer isn’t for romance, really. That’s just an option, and probably an unwise one. She has connections with Bohemians and Criminals, and can visit your salon if you get one. She can also help out with Counting the Days.

I think you get a chance to connect with her later in the game though, which I wasn’t aware of when I used the wiki to make sure I wouldn’t miss out on her acquaintance.

I believe you are correct Gillsing; I’m connected with the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer and I’m pretty sure I sold the Absconding Devil to the Embassy way back when.

Likewise. I warned the devil, but she’s still around clogging up my deck today.

You can get her through the Absconding Devil case, as part of the Bag a Legend Ambition, apparently, or on a card that unlocks with Persuasive 105.

[quote=Mordaine Barimen]Likewise. I warned the devil, but she’s still around clogging up my deck today.[/quote]Clogging up? I like her cards. I find them quite profitable and helpful. And I no longer get that initial An Old Acquaintance? card, either because of too high Persuasive, or too high acquaintance quality. So if you still get that card and want one less card to clog up your deck, that’s how to get rid of it.

No, I’m at 200 Persuasive, so I’ve not seen it in quite a while. I just seem to have Help/Ask a Favor cards show up with an alarming frequency. At least a half dozen times a day…