Cartography Grinding

Is grinding for glim by &quotEducating Lyme&quot and upconverting the best way to get more advanced items like Partial Maps and Puzzling Maps? I need quite a few of both and I want to know the most efficient way.

It depends on your stats and access to more advanced grinds. War of Assassins should be better for Puzzling maps (1.74 EpA)
Constables vs criminals conflict card is good source of partial maps, but it is slow and card-based

Factory VIII in Station VIII is decent source of Partial Maps, but its pretty far in end-game content.
edited by Waterpls on 3/5/2021

If you have access to the Bone Market and can reach Respectable 15 (easier than the other two high-end buyers), you can grind Memories of Light, convert them into Zee-Ztories and upconvert into Partial Maps. That has to be better than Educating Lyme in terms of EPA, and it’s a quite convenient way to assemble large numbers of Partial Maps needed e.g. for Jericho Canals.

The new Brawling content at the Blind Helmsman has a way to gain Puzzling Maps. That’s still new enough that the comparisons against other methods aren’t settled yet.

Thank you all. I don’t have access to the Bone Market quite yet, so I will test the other two suggestions.