Carry-overs from Fallen London?

What kind of things can you earn for Sunless Sea in Fallen London?

Second: Is it worth it?

There are a few options in Fallen London that carry over.

One gives you three secrets at the start of each Sunless Sea game and only costs a few basic resources (but also requires you to have a ship of your own in Fallen London, which is a ways into the game).

Another option gives you a Soothe and Cooper Long-Box at the start of each game, an item that is moderately hard to obtain and is required to start the Station III storyline. Predictably, this requires spending a Soothe-and-Cooper Long-Box in FL, and those are fairly hard to come by too (although one is obtainable at Christmas pretty easily).

The most significant option is the Whisper-Locked Sea-Chest, which unlocks an entire storyline in Sunless Sea. It’s also the easiest to obtain. You get the option in a frequent opportunity card whose only requirement is beating the tutorial. If you sell it to a zailor it shows up in your Sunless Sea games and there’s a little story in order to find a way to open it.

Lastly there’s the Parabolan Kitten. If you have one of those in Fallen London, you can play with it and get the mascot of the same name in Sunless Sea. The way to obtain one is to be gifted one by someone who has a Parabolan Panther, which was given to some Kickstarter Backers. There’s a thread here dedicated to asking for kittens.

Ok thx, do you have a kitten btw?