Carnelian/update issues

Folks - I’m having trouble getting updates to be available on my HumbleBundle game.

[This may be because I at one point installed the Steam version, suggest FBG. I am hoping that someone may have had the same problem and fixed it.]

The Fathomking content was never ‘there’: I always got the ‘All stories up to date’ and could never download it.

This morning I went to see whether Carnelian would fix it, but I get ‘Need latest game version’ - reinstalling from scratch and/or deleting all files is not helping.

Any ideas/suggestions?
edited by Ewan C. on 10/30/2014

I don’t know about the HumbleBundle version, but I got the same “Need latest game version” this morning. I had to manually schedule an update on Steam even though I’ve got automatic updates set up for Sunless Sea.

Perhaps there’s a similar issue with the HumbleBundle version? (Again, I don’t know how your game updates, but it might be worth attempting a forced update.)

According to my Humble Bundle page the Carnelian update isn’t available yet. Last update was 2014-10-09. But it does sometimes take a while for the updates to get to Humble Bundle.
edited by reveurciel on 10/30/2014

[color=#C2B280]Carnelian isn’t actually available from Humble Bundle yet – we’ve sent it to them but, as always, they’re on Pacific time. It will almost certainly go up sometime this evening. The version number for Carnelian is v0.6.2.1692: if that’s the number that shows up on the bottom right of the title screen, you should be able to play all the latest content.[/color]

Is this update actually Carnelian or just a little patch?

Waiting for the HB update fixed things.

BUT: I do not have any new stories in the Savior’s Rocks area - neither at The Nativity nor the the Nocturne. Should I? The email update message suggested so, no?