Cards won't work?

I don’t know what is happening, but I have a card that I REALLY want to use now that I’m sure that I can do it, but whenever I click on it does nothing but refresh the page I was on and does not take me to the actions I can take with the card. What is happening? Is that card ‘dead’ now and I can NEVER use it? If that is the case I may just rage quit this game for a week because I busted my arse trying to get up my shadowy quality for this card so I could do it.
Its “a strange mirror” card and I really really want to see what happens when I do the action. I tried logging out and that didn’t work. So what is happening? It can’t be a broken link because I looked at the card before so that I could see what quality I needed. Please tell me what the heck happened? I never discarded it, it just stopped working. This happened not long before but it was with a card I was only gonna use to bring one of the “connected” up more so it didn’t much matter to me.
Am I the only one that ever encounters problems like this? I haven’t found a thread that mentions this. So what is wrong? Again I really really don’t want to lose this card just because of a dumb glitch, because I might not ever get to find it again.

When that happens, it usually means you don’t meet a requirement. Maybe your Shadowy is too high, or you’ve got something that keeps it from playing (like a Connected pet for the cards that grant them).

My best guess is that you need to be in a specific location to play the card. Try mousing over it; when you try to play most cards like that the mouseover text is amended to explain, for example, ‘You must be in the Shuttered Palace to play this card.’ For A Strange Mirror, I’d figure either Palace or Court.

I think it happened once or twice, though I just discarded the card without thinking about it too much. It usually happens when you don’t meet the card’s requirements anymore: say, a card unlocks with a certain Quality value, and you meet the requirement when you turn the card, but then change equipment so you don’t meet the requirement anymore; or if you change location, and the card has to be played in that location only. If you’re sure that you meet all the requirements for the card, but it doesn’t play anyway, it is probably a bug: don’t discard the card, and send an e-mail report to They’ll probably fix the problem in a short time.

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What Jack and Blue said. Also, if you believe you’ve found a bug it’s best to report it to

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I’m seeing “a strange mirror” as a persuasive card unlocking at Persuasive 57.

[quote=Endy]I’m seeing “a strange mirror” as a persuasive card unlocking at Persuasive 57.[/quote]
Reading that entry, it appear one can only play that card in the Shuttered Palace. It’s likely Tariel needs only return to the Palace to play the card.