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I’m quite confident it’s written somewhere in the Reference Docs, since it’s used in Cabinet Noir and some users’ worlds I played, but I can’t find it.

How can I :

  • get rid of the “A Stranger” Quality ?
  • make some cards compulsory before anything else, for the setting’s and character’s creation(-like) purpose ?

I’m really sorry to bother you with such a silly request…

I believe you’re meant to be able to set it to 0 to remove it, but I think there was a bug going with that–normally Qualities at 0 are removed, but Stranger at 0 sticks around? looks around for confirmation

Would it work to have character-creation cards appear with a requirement of being A Stranger, and have other cards only appear once character creation was finished (e.g.: requirement of “You are now A Person” minimum 1 (possibly with a QLD), requirement of “A Stranger” maximum zero)?
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To remove ‘A Stranger’, set it to 0 in one of your opening storylets – say, after a character has gone through the last character creation card. Setting a quality to 0 (any quality) removes it.

For the compulsory cards, use a combination of must with the attributes being set by each card. For instance, card 1 could be a must triggered by ‘A Stranger 1’. That card would set whatever qualities it needs to, and add 1 to ‘A Stranger’. The next card could then be triggered by ‘A Stranger 2’. When character creation is done, set ‘A Stranger’ to 0, and stop the chain of musts.

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Yeah, when I first started I thought of a few work-arounds to get character creation done but learned the easiest way as I played around with the tools a little more. Which is to either have a Stranger increase with each step and each successive card require a different level of a Stranger then have the results of your last creation card for a stranger “Set to exactly… 0.” You could also make your first card get rid a stranger quality and give your players a creation quality that follows the pattern I mentioned above. Just be sure to give out a quality at the end of creation that is a requirement for the first actual story card.
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There was a bug where any quality (not just A Stranger) that had been set above zero and then reduced to zero hung around at zero rather than disappearing. But I think we’ve squashed that. Do shout if you see it happening, though.