Card timer

Is it just me, or is the opportunity card timer bug fixed?! Thank you, failbetter staff! :D

It IS!

Huzzah! Happiness! Sunshine! Puppy dogs! Flowers and Butterflys! It WORKS!

In the words of Chris “Battleheart” Gardiner: Lordy!

Yes. After MONTHS, it’s finally fixed. Yea!

Cheers! :)

YES! It’s like Mr. Sacks came early!

Not only is it fixed, there’s a new storylet carousel available in Spite, involving a certain box.

Either that’s new or I’ve spent that much time at Zee.

There is! Huzzah!

Oh, there is! Hurray!

I am smiling. You probably can’t tell due to the lack of skin and muscle on my face, but I am indeed smiling.

It’s almost as if the sun is shining in Fallen London.

Well, a skull is always smiling.

I just went to take some actions and discovered this as well. Yay! It will be nice to be able to click on a waiting card without having to decide whether it would be worth waiting 5-6 minutes first.

Indeed =)

Well, a skull is always smiling.[/quote]
True, but this is a more heartfelt and rather less menacing one than the standard variety.