Card properties and cider dreams

Does anyone know what property of the opportunity cards makes it impossible to Perhaps Not out of cider dreams? I used to think it might be Urgency: Must for Sometimes cards. But that appears to be the property of the autofire cards in things like Flash Lay - they force you into the storylet as well as not letting you out of it.

Maybe it’s the combination of lack of stickiness (stickiness being the property that gives cards &quotcan’t discard&quot) and Must urgency?

Storylets lacking the ‘perhaps not’ button are rather common, and are usually coupled with the MUST property. I’ve seen a MUST storylet I could perhaps not out of, which just kept refreshing the page, the Cider cards follow the same principal in the other direction.

If you’re not aware, you can navigate out of a cider dream via clicking something in your inventory.

Thanks, Cecil :) I am not so much concerned about navigating out of it as trying to understand the less common game mechanics.

So you are saying that not having “perhaps not” is a separate storylet quality distinct from urgency and stickiness? Hm. That could well be it! But, unless I’ve been inattentive, this doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere in storynexus documentation or indeed storynexus backend itself. In fact the documentation specifically states that Must urgency automatically removed the “perhaps not”. So I wonder if the storylet you saw was simply self-linked rather than specifically with Must urgency?

Obviously FL is not Storynexus so it could be a distinct feature, I suppose

[quote=Cecil ]

If you’re not aware, you can navigate out of a cider dream via clicking something in your inventory.[/quote]

Oh cheers for that, Cecil! I had just this thing happen the other day and didn’t try that option during my frantic click-fest. Now I shall know for the next time!

I could be wrong! My memory could be wrong! These are distinct possibilities. It’s possible there may not be a button or a drop down menu to illicit these very features. The Storynexus reference guide is also a few years out of date I think? I hear that Fallen London runs on a version of Storynexus very similar to what’s available for any SN users; it’s also possible that SN has a few minor features removed from it to prevent bugs or confusion. It’s also possible I suppose, that the properties of the cider cards were manually added to them, like Scorched by the Sun.