Captain Stats Calculator

I was getting tired of obsessing over what facets to take to be able to equip all of the modules I wanted to use, so I made a Google Sheet that calculates your stats after picking certain facets, as well as add in well rites and officers.

How to use it: The Captain builder tab lets you pick an origin using a drop down menu and bubble in chosen/prospective facets. For each facet, you can choose the appropriate option from the drop down menu. I rolled several mutually exclusive facets up into one drop down menu.

The Stat Calculator will calculate your stats based on rites and officers chosen from the dropdown menu, and show you your final total in the bottom left. You can also opt to skip the first tap by selecting &quotmanual&quot under base stats and inputting them in the bottom right.

The Origins, Facets and Officers are ultimately just to draw numbers from, but I did include the soul flaws obtained by each origin and the bonus items/effects you get from each facet, so hopefully those serve as an easy reference.

I pulled all of the data from the wiki, although I did not find exact numerical values well rites. I am sure about Rite of The Rack, since that is the one I have right now. I will try to check the other ones as I go, but I am pretty sure they all follow that +10 -3 -2 (in order listed) pattern for the three stats effected. If I am mistaken about the rites or any other value please let me know, as well as if anything isn’t working!

Edit: probably should have mentioned that I made it read only to avoid anyone messing with my copy. You should be able to copy it to your google drive and give it a try. If not, let me know.
edited by Parlimentary on 9/23/2019