Capping Stats: Equipment

The current goal of my character is to reach the upper limit of the Scholar of the Corrispondence quality, which I understand is 21; I have stockpiled for a lot of Screams, Plaques and Implications, but then I bumped in anoher obstacle: the Watchful limitation.

The following is the gear I had when I made the last researches. What are my options to raise Watchful to the desired level of 300?

Base Watchful: 200
Hat: Preternaturally Intent (+30)
Clothing: Smock of 4308 Pockets (+10)
Gloves: Insatiable Glove (+8)
Weapon: Dilmun Club Lapel Badge (+5)
Boots: Mirror-Polished Shoes (+2)
Companion: Overgoat (+20)
Affiliation: Newspaper (+1)
Total: 276

Unfortunately, I’m a Crooked-Cross with an Appetite Destiny, so I can get no help from there. They have been chosen for RP reasons, so I’d prefer to keep them.

(The thread title is broad to allow others with similar problems to compare notes.)

In addition to what you have already
Weapon - Ratwork Watch (+8)
Companion - Ubergoat (+30)
Boots - Meticulously Altered Stocking (Advent Calendar +3)
Spouse - Artist’s Model or Cultured Attache(fate-locked) or other player (+1)
Home Comfort - Library (+1) or White Glim Telescope (Fate-locked +2)

which is an extra 16 or 17 watchful that still doesn’t take you to 300 but if you choose to be an Extraordinary Mind you can use Notability to reach up to 215 base watchful. But that cannot be changed yet and if it isn’t something you want to choose you can only get to SOTC 20 unless Failbetter raises the stat cap or introduces gear with higher stats…

Note that the Meticulously Altered Stocking would give a +3 Watchful, but those are only available via access code from Advent, so not available at the moment to my knowledge.

Ratwork Watch weapon: Watchful +8 (+3 gain)
Ubergoat: Watchful +30 (+10 gain)
Voluminous Personal Library: Watchful +1 (+1 gain)
Player Character/Celebrated Artist’s Model/Cultured Attaché/Cultured Attachée spouse: +1 Watchful (+1 gain)
Extraordinary Mind stat overcap: +15 Watchful (+15 gain)

Total possible gain: +30
Possible total: 306 Watchful

[quote=lady ciel ]
Companion - Ubergoat (+30)[/quote]
I gathered that you need two Overgoats to earn that; am I right? Without spoiling anything, I’d like some general tips to meet that peculiar beast, since its acquisistion would be enough to reach the next SotC level.

I happen to be an Extraordinary Mind, I just never made the Notability grind up to 15, being annoyingly luck-based. I guess it’s time to take this road, though…

Yes to get the Ubergoat you need 2 Overgoats and a little bit of Fate. The option is on the Goat card.

You don’t need to get your Notability to 15 to use that option … you just need whatever level you want to reach 300 Watchful.

When I did it, I had 314 watchful. I wished I could do another level since the stats allowed it but it was caped. I was, am correspondent with an übergoat and had +15 from notability without an watchful destiny. You can change profession for it and go back to your RP profession. Though I don’t know how fitting it would be RP-wise to do so. My character did it for extra lacre but my character is sort of person that would do many things for a nice gain.

[quote=Huey]Unfortunately, I’m a Crooked-Cross with an Appetite Destiny, so I can get no help from there. They have been chosen for RP reasons, so I’d prefer to keep them.[/quote]I’m a Midnighter for RP purposes. When I was working towards SotC 21, I’ve temporarily switched to Correspondent (don’t underestimate that +12 Watchful weapon!).

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