Can't start the Scheme of a Phoenix

I’ve visited the Dumbwaiter before trying to start this story, but it never let me start it, so I forgot about it till now because I was just finishing up with the Tracklayers City and I checked the ‘Whats Next section’.

Anyone know what I might be missing, or do I need to send a bug report?

If the option is locked, the most likely reason is that you’ve got another Intercepted Document already which you need to decode first! You can only ever have one at a time.

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Thank you I had a letter sitting around half deciphered.

Now onto another issue, how do I progress after I’ve done the letters 6 times?

Next, I believe, you have to talk to Mr Fires when it visits Station VIII by dirigible.

Nope I found it quickly after some poking around, you’ve got to head over to the CiS. A Rumormonger’s Network will be required for this story as well as a lot of potential profit from the city.

Aha - it looks like you can progress by talking to Fires if you sided with it against Furnace, or in the Tracklayer’s City if not.

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