Can't sign in to the game

“We were not able to log you in with the credentials you supplied.”

It was okay about half a day ago. I am quite sure everything was typed in correctly.


I’ve been having the same problem for the past couple of hours; nine hours ago it was fine.

Thank goodness, I thought my account was hacked.

I tried clearing cache and using different browsers, same result.

If there’s some scheduled downtime for maintenance, it’s better to let us know in advance.

Same here, cannot login.

And by what I saw at the Fallen London subreddit, we are not alone.

As someone who was already signed in, the site has been down for hours.

Confirmed, every request to fails for at least five hours already (address don’t even respond to ping), looks like some heavy crash.

FBG are on it!

> Fallen London is experiencing some trouble and we are looking into it. Hold fast!

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Seems to be back up now!

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Yes, I managed to log in at about the same time.

Here is some coffee code as compensation for troubles:


Servers seem to be down, again.

Can confirm, this is terrible indeed.

And one more coffee code for the latest problems: