Can't save journal notes

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Since yesterday I’ve been experience some lagging and I can’t save journal notes. Can anyone help?

It’s currently lagging for me too.

Yeah, since this evening I haven’t been able to save journal entries. At all. A number of other people I checked with were having the same issue. Sent in a bug report…

This effectively freezes one of my characters in place, because they’re on a one-time mandatory no-perhaps-not storylet that I really want to journal (exiting Nadir).

Fortunately, I can use actions for item conversions and for accepting (but not sending) social actions, because I can use the Myself & Messages tabs…

I hope this clears up soon though :x

What a great idea this is! It takes me twice as long to do anything so I get more value for money. It;s like getting to stay twice as long in the cinema because they play the film at half the speed. I hope it stays slow forever.

I wonder if the lag is related to all the mails going out about the Wry Functionary? I mean, it started well before I received that mail, but I don’t think I’m first in line, because others have gotten mails hours before I’ve gotten mine.

I received an error saying it was unable to save a little bit earlier, as well.

It’s working perfectly for me now, so I assume it got fixed! Thank you Failbetter! :]
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Yeah I had this all day yesterday but it seems to be working fine now.