Cant resurface from diving

I’m currently at Hideaway port. When I try to leave the port and try to resurface the game gets stuck on black screen indefinitely. Anyone know what to do?

You’ll want to submit a bug report to, with as much detail as possible!

For anyone running into a similar issue:

I managed to resurface finally by driving under water for as long as I could and as far away from Hideaway as possible and then managed to resurface.

I remember I was having extreme trouble diving and resurfacing when I first started playing in the beta. The issue I was having turned out to be that diving/surfacing takes a moment to complete after you push the dive button. And I got impatient thinking it wasnt working so I’d start spamming the button which then canceled the action or reset the timer. And since I never waited it out the full time I just assumed it was broken. Not sure if its been made more obvious that this is the case now that its out of beta (my computer that can play SS is dead), but this sounds very similar.

I encountered this bug yesterday after leaving Scrimshander (and will submit a report soon). Eventually I docked at Nook, left, and managed to surface. So it might be that distance is enough to fix it, as vandersall suggested, but if that doesn’t work for you, try docking.

Certainly possible that what NiteBrite described is happening to me. The “T” key on my laptop keeps half-popping out of my keyboard, so I reflexively whack it to crush it back into position now and then. This has led to some double- or triple-presses, and made me better friends with the Constant Companion than I would have liked.

I encountered the same bug during the weekend several times more. Managed to circumvent it by traveling underwater for a longer period of time. Not sure if time is the factor here. I suspect that if SAY is deactivated then this bug will appear as I noticed that when I traveled underwater until SAY appeared then I could resurface.

On similar account the exact same bug appears on Mangrove College when sometimes when you are farming the will o wisp event the game gets stuck in black screen after event is finished and you should be transported back to port. Visually the bug is the exact same.