Can't Raise The State of the City Quality in Wrack

Hi it seems that I can’t raise &quotThe State of the City&quot in Wrack. It gets stuck at 12 and even if I send ships there it doesn’t increase. Sometimes it lowers to 11. Is it a bug or is it supposed to be that way?

Warning other settlements about Wrack will lower the “State of the City” by 1. Have you been doing that as well?

Only one time

Have you made sure to mention your captures to the king?

I’m likewise finding this issue and it’s hindering me quite a bit >.<

I’m continually trying to raise the state of the city, and nothing so far seems to alter this higher than 7.
edited by Diceman on 12/23/2016

It seems like every time you trick a new target (not when you tell the king about it, when you actually trick them) there’s a chance for The State of the City to increase by one. Several times for me it didn’t increase at all, but with persistence and a little good luck you can eventually do it. It takes a while though, and you’re at the mercy of the RNG.[li]

I was able to raise it as far as 15. After that - sending more ships actually lowers it by 1, instead of increasing it. {and warning decreases by two}