Can't get 'Recruiting friend via Twitter' to work

I would appreciate a list of the steps I need to take. I am fairly new to Fallen London and completely new to Twitter. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Registered on
  2. Played a while
  3. Talked to my friend (face to face) and got her interested in the game
  4. Created a Twitter account
  5. Linked my FL account to my newly created Twitter account
  6. Asked my friend to create a Twitter account, but not to register at Fallen London (since the page promises me a gift if I am the one to recruit her)
  7. I get an email she’s regged, and I follow her on Twitter. This is - as far as I understand - what I need to do even though the Fallen London page talks about “friends” (which there are no notion of at Twitter)
  8. Clicks the “Friends” tab and clicks the big blue button to “Invite Twitter friends” (again, I scoured the Twitter help pages with no way to actually “befriend” someone)
  9. A popup window comes up with a box for the greetings text. But there are no mention of my (only) followee (or “friend” or whatchucallit), only a fat red number one in the bottom right corner. If I just click “Invite” there’s an error “You didn’t invite anyone”.

What am I doing wrong?! /Zapp

PS. That was yesterday. Today I visited my Lodgings and selected “Invite friend to something terribly intellectual” in an attempt to make the game contact my friend anyways. Here I could choose among all the ones I follow!! But I couldn’t get the game to make “an automated tweet” (the web page just hung for minutes before I closed it down).

At this point I copied the invite text (along with the web link) for my selected friend’s Twitter account and twittered it myself, but that was quite recently, and I do not know if it works or not. Anyway, even if it works, what kind of gift am I missing out on (assuming you need to go the friends tab route to actually get such a gift)?

I haven’t heard of the “invite twitter friends” button you mentioned, but in either case I don’t believe that gives a reward.

There is currently a small glitch involving any of the invitations that has a chance of failure. The way it is SUPPOSED to work is that if you fail the check, the invitation goes through anyway, but you get a smaller reward than usual. However, for some reason the website will hang if the luck check fails. Luckily, it does not consume an action, so you can simply try again.

FYI, the reward you get is dependent on which card you use. You receive a small reward upon sending the invitation, and another reward once they accept. In the case of the storylet you mentioned, you will get 80 nevercold brass slivers and 1 certifiable scrap upon sending the invitation (failure is supposed to merely reward 20 nevercold brass slivers), as well as 100 more nevercold brass slivers once they accept. These rewards are quite lucrative, but they are nothing you can’t get otherwise.

The exception is 4 minor storylets. The persuasive one can be done at any level, but the dangerous, shadowy, and watchful ones can only be accessed by a lower level player. They invite a friend to join you on a story, and having a friend join the game through these storylets is the only way to see them (Though, from what I’ve seen they are quite short, and you won’t really miss out on much).

Oh, and one last note: You can send as many invitations as you want to your friend, and they will all rack up once they join. You could, for instance, send all four of those invitations that unlock storylets if you want.

I’m pretty sure this particular bug has been reported before. In either case, I mentioned it here because it’s important to let them know WHY the invitation action broke, so that they know it’s perfectly fine to try it until it works (Or try a different action)

FWIW, I am not “posting a bug”. I am asking if I am doing things correctly, and if is IS a bug if I do. To me there’s a difference.

But I’ll use that email address, though I doubt I will get a reply as quick as you replied here on the forums…

[ul][li]Click “My Friends” tab inside the game.[/li][li]Under the “Recruitment” section, beside the big blue “Invite Twitter Friends” button it reads “We will give you a gift for each of the next 7 friends you recruit to Fallen London.”[/li][/ul]As instructed, I’m taking my issue to the support email. But some of you might still answer one question:

[ul][li]What gift can I expect to get? What’s the nature of this gift? In-game items like rostygold and bottles of wine? Or what?[/li][/ul]Best Regards

As I mentioned before, it depends on how you do so. Now that you’ve jogged my memory on that function, I can say that every friend you invite using that will give you 1 “Darkdrop Coffee”, which restores 10 actions when used. However! Using the actions, such as the one at your lodging, will also count. Do note, however, that you’ll only get one darkdrop coffee for every account recruited, and only for those first 7 friends.

If you use an action, as mentioned before you will get a lucrative amount of in-game items. None of the items given are unique, but there are four invitation options that start a small storyline. One such option is “Invite like-minded poets down here” under the storylet “Literary Ambitions” in Veilgarden, but look out for similar storylets in Watchmaker’s Hill, Spite, and Ladybones Road if you’re interested in those.

I solved the issue myself:

My friend needed to follow me. (Whether I also needed to follow her, I don’t know. It wasn’t enough that I followed her.)

Shame this isn’t explained anywhere. Now I can only hope the actual recruiting works (am writing this directly after seeing my friend’s twitter ID appear in the recruitment dialog, after noticing she reciprocrated my follow)