Can't Find Traitor's Wood

I can’t find the town/dock for Traitor’s Wood. I have found the place name and have flown around the entire area, but there is no place near the Traitor’s Wood name to dock or interact. I know it has to be somewhere as I have a couple quests that need me to go there. Am I missing something??

The actual port is the Summerset Camp, which is back a ways into the woods. I don’t know where your map is, but for me it was very close to the Regeant’s Tears, a Wonder, if you’ve already found that. I’m sorry I can’t do much to help other than that!

You are missing something, to be honest. Docks are always pretty obvious once you arrive at them, with big glowy landing strips. So somehow you have not actually quite gone to the place where it is. When you send out your mascot, it goes in a fairly wide arc, and you’ll see a train track icon where the station itself actually is (which isn’t where the name is in that case; the only such case I can think of, so that is a bit confusing)
edited by Corwin71 on 2/5/2019