Can't Find Next Story Point (Shepherd of Souls)

Having taken the shepherd of souls fork in the soul trade story, I’ve managed to reach a shepherd of souls quality of 2. Afterward, I had no real information on where to keep looking, and so far opportunity cards have not been helpful in this regard. If I’m supposed to be spending my cards in a specific location, it’s lost on me.

I took the Spirifers side but I assume it’s similar, at some point I had to just wait for an opportunity card so that’s probably what you need to do right now, it should show up eventually. Obviously I have no idea if you need to be in a certain location but I didn’t need to be.
Though if I were you I’d double check all the locations for yellow coloured storylets.

Based on the context, it looks like you were right. I happened to be in Spite, but I don’t think it mattered based on what I read. Thanks.

Is the step from Shepherd 1 to Shepherd 2 opportunity-based as well? I’ve been waiting for some days and no op. card has appeared. Thanks.[li]

No, the step from 1 to 2 is, if I recall, not at all opportunity based.

Might anyone point me in the right direction? I’ve searched for a storylet everywhere, but I can’t find it.

Anybody involved in this thread is probably not involved in this matter anymore, but just to put it here for anyone like me finding this on google.
Found a bronze-back storylet at Ladybones road to continue the story, but I suspect it has little to do with the location.

Is there anything other than the Opp Card to trade items for connections at or beyond shep of souls level 5? Is there a level 6?

Once you get the watch and the opportunity card allowing you to give souls/contracts for connections that’s the end of the storyline.

Oh, they were talking about being a Shepherd. Shepherds get a card, while Spirifers get a storylet (Hell’s Fence). Both do get access to What profit?, though. That gets unlocked before you pick a side if I’m not mistaken.

I seem to be stuck too. I have chosen the become a shepherd and am now a sheperd level 1. But I can’t find a storylet anywhere. Is it still supposed to be in Ladybone’s Road?

The storylet had a white border last I saw, and it’s in Watchmaker’s Hill called &quotFind an ally&quot it uses this art [x].

Found it, thank you! I somehow overlooked it.