Can't Find Crash Log

So far, just after I’ve had the patch hit me, I’ve crashed four out of four times I’ve played the game in different spots. I’m looking in the Sunless Skies folder but can’t find my crash log anywhere to send on to the developers to find out what the heck is going on. I’m looking in the Gog Galaxy > Games > Sunless Skies directory like the walktrhough says, and no folder or anything resembling a crash log.

Help! Anyone else experiencing something similar with the game freezing and then CTDing?

Yes! Crashed twice in the last half hour - whereas I haven’t crashed once before in the last month.

Yeah I can’t even seem to get port to port right now, like every 10, 15 minutes, I’m crashing and I can’t find the report to send. It was fine before the patch and I know I can run the game, so, this is a bit vexing.

Happening to me as well. Mac running High Sierra. Crashes every single time I try to play.

Me too. Seems like a common issue. Hopefully that means they fix it soon - I was looking forward to making some more progress over the weekend.

Well it’s nice to know it isn’t just me. Hopefully they fixed it while I was sleeping and if not can get to it today because I love this game :/

Nope. Still crashing. Until we know this is fixed, I’m rolling back and I suggest you guys do the same. Too bad because those are some nice fixes.

How do I roll back on steam? Is it possible?

Yup, me too - the game’s been fine for me the whole time until the update yesterday. Now it crashes to desktop with no sign of a crash log, every 5 - 10 mins of gameplay. MacOS Movaje on a late 2016 MBP.

It is possible, it requires you enabling the console and it’s a huge process, which is part of why I kinda get games on GOG now when I can. Because constant patching breaks them so easily.

If you do a Google or a Steam website search for &quotSteam Rollback&quot or &quotRollback a game on Steam&quot you should be able to find a walkthru because sadly Steam is a huge process that involves downloading the file, backing up the old file, overwriting it with the new file and so on and so forth. On GOG it’s like two mouse clicks <_< I’m sorry, I wish I could give you the whole walkthru but kinda busy with my kid today, as Spring Break has started here. And of course, being Minnesota, we’re getting a huge blizzard. :P

[color=#3366ff]Morning folks,

Sorry you’ve been experiencing this. We’re aware and working on it, I’ve made a post here. We’ll get a fix out as soon as possible.[/color]
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Thank you for your reply! Just so you know I do have the recent drivers, and it looks like I’ll have to zip up and resend you guys my output log as it pretty big.