Can't find a Snuffer for the Avuncular Broker

The last time I did this story I was clearly sent to Port Carnelian to capture a snuffer. This time there’s no hint in my journal as to where I’m supposed to go. I tried Carnelian first anyway, but there’s no option for it this time. Help?

Have you actually accepted a commission from him yet? Just interviewing with him doesn’t set you off.

What does it say in your journal?
edited by Fretling on 2/21/2015

The only thing I have is:

The Avuncular Broker’s Little Problem:
He has a commission for you (100)
You are investigating Snuffers

Yeah, you need to go back to Adam’s Way and get the actual assignment from the Broker.

I had my status set to 70 for some unfathomable reason, which entirely broke the quest. But yeah, at 100, you need to speak to the broker again.

I had the same issue not being able to find the snuffer after several attempts to make port. I went back to London, turned in my reports, then headed straight back to Port Carnelian, which then I was given the option to seek out the snuffer.

After i finally found the snuffer, (sorry no spoilers) I have a major issue. i cannot turn the guy in. When i attempt to go back to Adam’s Way, the Broker isn’t available. I’ve had the snuffer locked up in my hold for about 4 trips around the map and still cannot get the broker to activate. I’m assuming this is a bug and will be addressed in he new patch.

Hopefully, a programmer will see this post and give us all a response as to why this mission has wasted many many hours of time, not to mention, fuel and supplies it takes, just to get down there to Adam’s Way.

Hey Havoloc. I’m not a programmer, but perhaps I can help out? What exactly does the quality say in your journal? I’m looking at the game code right now, and assuming you have it up to date, it should work.

If the quality in the journal is “You have captured Port Carnelian’s Snuffer and are to return it (300)”, then going ashore at Adam’s Way (you need to hand in an item) should make the handing in available. Perhaps you can grab a screenshot?