Canon Correspondence Sigils compilation list

With the Free Weekend occurring for Sunless Sea, and the addition of Steam Badges, it seems there are now canon definitions for some Correspondence Sigils! :)
I’d like to use this thread to collate them (possibly in order), for those of us who play Fallen London but might not get to see the sigils via Steam.

I do remember seeing this one defined as &quotForever hurtling toward the earth&quot or &quotHurtling endlessly towards the earth&quot, or something like that, though I can’t remember the exact source - plus I’m not sure if it’s (still) canon:

Edit: Looks like this one may have been flipped horizontally, if Jeremy Avalon’s comment is right. :-)

Either way, I can see the first level badge is going to be &quotA colophon printed on living skin&quot though I’m still acquiring trading cards so I can see the picture.
Has anyone unlocked the Steam Badges; and if so, what is the sigil + its meaning?
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Sorry for sounding stupid but could you tell me what Steam badges actually are and how I unlock them?

Badges are made by collecting cards and combining them into a badge in a corresponding menu under your username. You earn half of cards by playing game (30 minutes per card? not sure) and the rest you have to buy from community market. You can do this several times (usually up to five or something like this). After you craft a badge, collected cards disappear and you have to collect them once more - again by playing game and buying.
Crafting badges gives you Steam XP and some random emoticons/wallpapers. Badges themselves are just pride items displayed in your profile. And correspondence sigils in this case, it seems.

There’s a better description on Steam Community :: Steam Trading Cards and Steam Community :: Steam Trading Cards , but the general run-down goes something like this:

In Steam, with many of the games available, they’ll give you (non-physical) items call Steam Trading Cards when you play, usually over a couple of hours.
Usually you’ll get about half as many as you’d need to complete the set - so for a game like Sunless Sea, where there are 6 different cards, you’ll get 3 of them. You can obtain the others via trading or buying them on the Steam community Market. (I tend to sell cards from games I’m not interested in, then use the credit to complete sets of cards for games I am interested in.)

When you have one of each of card of the set, you can combine them and gain a badge which you can display on your Steam profile, and usually a background for your Steam profile + a chat emoticon related to the game. (They’re purely for decorative purposes and don’t affect gameplay at all.) Completing the set a second time and combining them gives the next tier of that game’s Steam badge.

I got the items displayed below after creating the first badge. (Please know that the other rewards are somewhat random, and when someone else does it they might not get the Unterzee emoticon or the same background image that I did.)

The Correspondence Sigil on the next Steam badge is for &quotThe altar stone of an abandoned temple&quot
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(Sorry Valiant - I didn’t mean that there was a better description than the one you’d written, as I hadn’t yet seen yours get posted. ^_^ )

Yup, yours better and more comprehensive anyway :)
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Congratulations for crafting the badge, Kittenpox! And not only does the badge look amazing, but so does the background and emoticon! It’s so difficult to find a game that excels at all three, but failbetter manages to pull it off. Simply wonderful.

Edit: I’ve put a link for the information on the cards and any card-related stuff. I’ll remove it if need be.

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The journey so far:

&quotA colophon printed on living skin&quot

&quotThe altar stone of an abandoned temple&quot

Next one is &quotAn unmappable direction&quot

Wolfstack Docks (Freq: Common)
&quotHome at last! The clatter and song of the dockside soothes the soul.&quot

The Postal Rat (Freq: Rare)
&quotA Rattus Faber who mans (rats?) the Dead Letter Office on Nuncio.&quot

Unterzee (Freq: Common)
&quotThe Unterzee does not forgive. And it will not forgive you.&quot

Red Honey (Freq: Uncommon)
&quotHighly profitable, if you have no principles.&quot

[I am not here. I was never here. This I whisper in your ear.]
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Someone is attempting to sell a foil Genial Magician… for $35. Somehow I don’t think a virtual card is worth almost twice the game’s price.

[color=0000FF]Here’s a master post so far:

Unterzee (c):
Wolfstack Docks (c):
Hunter’s Keep (c):
The Nacreous Outcast and the Wistful Deviless:
Abbey Rock and the Corsair’s Forest:
The Postal Rat (r):

unterzee (c):
eyeglass (c):
zeemonster (c):
redhoney (u):

badge one:
badge two:
badge three:
badge four:
badge five:

If having the direct links is a problem, I can remove them.[/color]
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From memory, there are usually only 5 levels of Steam Badge, so it may be that the Foil ones have different stuff if the first level of the foils is the Hurtling sigil. (Not gonna ask anyone to gather the foils - I know just how expensive they can get in other games.)

Either way, Cecil, your comment appears to answer the thread and so I’ve marked it as such. :-)

Noooo, don’t do that, not all of us have the forums tweak for visibility. So for me the post is now slightly unreadable.

Hence my request for a &quotreasonable exchange&quot. :P

Foil badges only have one level (but as I mentioned above, I’m very close to completing it, at which point I’ll provide screenshots, image links, etc.).
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I really do quite like the art for the badges, and had always been curious what more Correspondence sigils beyond the ones we already knew of would look like. Props to probably the art department for coming up with them, and the writers for their associated meanings.

[color=#0066ff]Thank you! We rather hoped you’d find the canon definitions to be interesting. (The art department is Paul. He is always drawing, all of the times.)[/color]

[quote=Hannah Flynn]
[color=#0066ff]The art department is Paul. He is always drawing, all of the times.[/color][/quote]
Hats off to Failbetter’s one-man art department!
:bow: :bow: :bow:

And, the foil badge, &quotForever hurtling towards the earth&quot:

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And yet virtual hats and custom skins for guns will sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

I have a friend who used to avidly collect items from Team Fortress 2, often willing to pay far too much real money for said items.

For a popular game I can understand why rare items can become so expensive, even if it seems silly to me. But for a game with a much smaller fanbase it seems rather excessive.